Please go through our frequently asked questions. If you have any more queries please contact us and we'll get back to you.

1) Why should I change from my current service providers to Solomon Star?
Dissatisfaction with current service providers who are unable to detect or rectify existing service problems

We are professional trouble-shooters. We are able to look and identify problems in all areas, so you don't need to have several service providers. We will be able to take care of all your tele/IT systems and integrate them, so there will be less problems. See our case studies for further examples.

2) How is an integrated tele/IT system better than our current system?
With an integrated system you will be able to send and receive faxes from your computer, make calls over the internet - no cost for international calling!

3) Is it safe sharing directory/files within the office and out of office?
Only the people with the right access code or password will be able to access these files, so it will be secure.

4) How fast can you come and fix my problem?
Next day service is our response rate. However, if you have a contract with us, our response for critical faults is within 3 working hrs and 24hrs for non-critical.

5) How do you charge?
Each job is allowed 2hrs, additional costs will be invoiced for replacement parts and new equipment. However, if you wish to sign a contract with us, you will receive 10hrs service free.

6) What else is included in the maintenance contract?
Our standard maintenance contract includes:
- service (troubleshooting) on basic system including server and applications
- labour and transportatin charges of the Service Provider's (us) staff
- four (4) times annually preventative (routine & backup) maintenance
- all spare parts replaced will be charged at current spare part price
- three (3) working hours response time for critical faults and 24 hours for minor faults.
- soft MAC of up to five (5) change request per two months (regroup of hunting, pickgroup and names)

Please note that contracts will be customized to cater for individual clients needs. Contact us for more information.

7) Do you just do office telephone/IT systems?
We also can service your tele/IT systems within your home, so you will be able to access your work files and dir at home

8) Is it secure?
Yes! We operate on a secure server, so privacy is assured and guaranteed.

9) How long would it take to replace damaged/faulty equipment?
We would have to look at your situation and the equipment. For smaller parts, we will be able to replace them within a few days. For larger components, we will order them from our Siemens suppliers in Germany which will take 2-3 weeks.

10) Do you just repair the problems?
No we will analyze the existing problems and provide you with a solution that will take into account your requests and future activities. One client was going to expand their operations over Asia, and so our integrated solutions provided them with a platform which is now ready to serve any new branches that are opened across Asia. See our case studies .