Case Studies



Problems faced: The organization's telephone system was extremely unstable. Employees complained of system unreliability due to constant breakdowns. They complained of calls not being connected or frequently being disrupted. They were also missing calls, had problems transferring calls and the organization's voicemail was not operational, causing them to miss calls received after local office hours. Employees were also disgruntled with their slow computer network and complained of the unreasonable length of time it took to access files.

Effects: - High maintenance costs and loss of revenue through missed calls.
- High employee dissatisfaction with the systems which hampered their work performance.

Solomon Star Solution: After thorough analysis of the system problems faced by Organization A, we determined that the previous service provider had been unable to detect system faults and had failed to rectify existing problems that collectively lead to the telephone system instability.

We analyzed Organization A's nodes and hubs and replaced the faulty hardware that was causing bottlenecks in the information transfer. We also replaced the entire server and workstations in a system upgrade.

Other problems Solomon Star detected: Organizarion A was paying for usage per minute for ISDN. The ISDN bandwith was also restricted and this had to be shared by 30 staff, causing slow file access. Their mail server had been hosted by the Internet Service Provider and there was a restriction on e-mail size allocations.

Solomon Star Solution:
We changed over Organization A's costly ISDN to broadband Internet access. The upgrade to high-speed broadband reduced overhead costs significantly and allowed for more bandwith per employee. Solomon Star also set up a server for the company to host its own e-mail, web-mail and website.

Today, Organization A's current integrated IT and telephone infrastructure allows it to be interconnected at all times to its branches throughout Asia.


ORGANIZATION B - an international bank

Problems faced: Organization B's telephone systems were unstable and this was jeopardizing its forex trading operations. Their voice lines to their mother country were also plagued with problems. There was much down time, which was posing significant loss to the bank. Each time there was a system shutdown, it took 8 hours to restart.

Trading systems were hampered by the 8-hour down time, which resulted in a loss of revenue amounting to HK$2 million per hour.

Solomon Star Solutions: We analyzed Organization B's systems, detected the faults causing the constant system disruption and replaced faulty components in their telecommunications server for the telephony and trading board systems.

We also rectified software issues for the telephony system and rectified problematic hardware components.