SIP IP Door Intercom for IP-PBX

On a basis of VoIP Interface, SSL Access Control systems combine various functionalities for richer, more integrated communications in one converged IP network.

Pancode IP - Piezo Keypad
Aluminum case
Piezo keypad
Weather resistant
Outdoor/Indoor Installation
Speed dial button

Pantel IP- Piezo Single Button
Aluminum case
Piezo single button
Weather resistant
Outdoor/Indoor Installation
Speed dial button

Technical specifications

Interface: VoIP (Ethernet)
Case type: Piezo
Entry access codes: Pancode
Direct link to operator or receptionist
Internal door opening code from any extension
Hands- free operation
Weather & vandal resistance (Piezo systems)
Day/night mode
Speed dial mode
Programmable conversation time-out
Volume control adjustment
Integration with card readers & security devices
20 DTMF Character support
SIP Protocol Support
Power over Ethernet
Voice activation technology
Remote opening from remote sites
Audio codec selection
Programming & setup: GUI
Outdoor/Indoor installation
Support 12V AC power supply
Protection: Water droplet & dust (IP54 standard)
Electromagnetic compatibility for
industrial environments (IEC 61000-6-2 standard)

The Pancode IP complies with the following standards

IP 55 category 2- Dusty environments immunity
EN-6100-6-2- Electromagnetic compatibility
EN 55022- Radio disturbance durability
AS/NZS CISPR 22:2004 Class B- Radio disturbance resistance
CFR 47 FCC Class B- Radio frequency durability
IEC 6100- Voltage changes resistance
EN 55024- Immunity durability

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