ATS IPx 3000 SERIES VoIP pabx on IBM server

A VoIP Server covered ATS-IP-x3000 SERIES system with IDAP T1/ E1 or Analog interfaces (FXO) with CLID to PSTN. Fully Asterisk based, this stable platform can handle up to 600 concurrent calls at one time.

Our Sepcial offer!!
We offer a one off VoIP pabx solution. Starting from HK$28,000.00 you can own your own latest state of the art Advance Telephone System (ATS). What's in?:-

* 3 Polycom IP 330 Sound Point Telephones (included).
* Voice Mail System (included)
* CTI integration for Voice Mail to email delivery (included)
* Audio Conferencing up to 20 dial-in parties to a room (included)
* Call log (included)
* Connect to tele-worker solution (included)
* Connect up to 20 extensions and 4 hunting lines (included)
* Caller ID (included)
* MP3 Music-On-Hold

All the above in a legacy system would cost more. Offer till end of 2010.
For for more info visit us at:

Tags: elastix, telephone system, office equipment, conference, trixbox, voip

Price: ASK       # ATS Server -IP-xSERIES 3020, 3050, 3100 and 3200 systems with IDAP T1/ E1 or Analog interfaces (FXO) with CLID to PSTN.

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