aculab Groomer E1/T1 Signaling Converter

The Groomer is a modular Integrated Access Device that is constructed from Aculab's highly successful ISDN / E1 / T1 /PRI/ BRI Digital Access products, which have been shipping into a worldwide market since November 1992.

Typically, the Groomer is used to provide protocol conversion between incompatible ISDN, E1 and T1 Signalling interfaces, although due to the flexibility of the routing and switching the Groomer also provides solutions in a range of diverse application areas including:

* Multi-port concentration (with number translation)
* International Access (with Advice Of Charge generation)
* Least Cost Routing (with Time-of-Day & Day-of-Week scheduling)
* Call logging
* Protocol Conversion (With connectivity to 70% of the worlds ISDN networks)
* Flexible Call Routing (Incorporating least cost and alternative Routing)
* Number Translation (With number based routing creating a dynamic routing system)
* Generation of Call Data Records CDR's (Used to Bill customers and monitor system usage)
* Traffic concentration (Reducing the cost of line installation and rental)
* Advice of charge generation and mapping (extending the functionality of many PBXs)
* Scheduled loading of all Routing and Billing tables (Based on time date and weekday)
* Complete interconnectivity of E1, T1 and Basic rate equipment.
* m-law to A-law conversion (With Voice path gain control)
* Progress tone Generation and detection.

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